Grand Canyon Tours – Chopper, Airplane Voyages During Labor Day Holiday

Are you looking for something fun to do over the 2015 Labor Day weekend? If you're looking for something to make the holiday special, then you can't go wrong with Grand Canyon flights. There are both helicopter and airplane tours available, with plenty of options to suit any budget.

Las Vegas Air Tours

If you want to take an air tour to of the West Rim of the Grand Canyon, then Las Vegas is where you want to start. You can choose from a landing tour or an air-only tour. As the names suggest, an air only tour will give you a flyby of the Grand Canyon, whereas a landing tour will set you down either at the bottom of the canyon near the Colorado River, or at the top rim.

You can save money by taking an air only tour, but if you can work it out with your budget, a landing tour will provide the best experience. Even though the landing tours set down at the canyon, they also fly over it so you get an aerial tour along with some fun activities on the ground. One could allow you to have a champagne picnic at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, and you could even add on a boat ride. You could land on top of the rim instead and add on VIP passes to the amazing Grand Canyon Skywalk. The Skywalk is a glass platform that suspends you 4000 feet above the canyon floor. A helicopter tour is thrilling, but even it doesn't match the breathtaking excitement of walking on the Skywalk.

Touring The South Rim By Airplane

If you have a larger group, or you just want the most economical way to tour, then an airplane tour could be best for you. Airplanes take the same flight path as helicopters, although they fly at higher altitudes. They cost about 80 percent as much as a helicopter tour, and one thing to keep in mind is that the airplanes can't fly down to the canyon floor.

Another difference is airplanes fly from Vegas to the South Rim, but helicopters do not. It would take you over five hours to drive to Tusayan from Vegas, but in a plane it will only take one hour. From here, you could take a bus tour around the South Rim, enjoy a breathtaking Jeep tour, or you could even board a helicopter to see the South Rim, North Rim, and the far eastern boundary of the Grand Canyon National Park.

The helicopter tours of the South Rim are thirty or fifty minutes long. The 50-minute one is a good choice because it flies over 75 percent of the entire Grand Canyon National Park.

You can combine tours too, so you can take an air tour as well as a Jeep or bus tour to get the most out of your experience at the South Rim, what you choose depends entirely on your budget and time.

Buy Your Tour Online Before It Sells Out

Because Labor Day is one of the busiest holidays of the year, you will need to book soon. In fact, you should go ahead and book as soon as you've confirmed your accommodation. Book online to save money on agent fees, and pay with your credit card to confirm your seats on the day that you want to fly.

There are some things that you should experience at least once in your lifetime, and Grand Canyon flights are amongst these things. Breathtaking views, thousands of years of natural history, Native American culture, and a sense of exploration make the Grand Canyon one of the best places to visit this Labor Day.

Grand Canyon Awesome South Rim Bus Tours

Las Vegas is a gorgeous place however, your tour isn't going to be comprehensive without a day excursion to the Grand Canyon. One of the most cost-effective way to reach there is by South Rim bus tours. South Rim is around 270 miles from Las Vegas, which means you will be savoring a day long trip. You will find two types of excursions you could opt for, South Rim bus and also South Rim bus along with helicopter. The South Rim bus will take you directly to the National park. Whilst the South Rim bus along with helicopter journey incorporates a helicopter trip from the Grand Canyon Airport.

With the rim-to-rim trip you will get to the North Rim and then back again. Thereafter you join your group to savor a ground visit. The South Rim bus travels are unbelievably stunning and so are a must watch for anyone visiting Las Vegas. Views regarding the Canyon from the Yaki Point, Mather Point and Yavapai Observation Station are stunningly amazing. The drivers additionally play a role in making your bus tour ideal. These people know the roads perfectly well and thus provide you with informative as well as interesting information. The buses you will travel in are state-of-the-art motorcoaches.

They have very cozy seats as well as TVs meant for tourists. You won't need the TVs in any case since the extra-large windows will keep you glued to the attractive landscapes constantly. The trip is very comfortable and smooth and you will not even understand when your whole day trip gets over. In addition, you get to buy some memorabilia, contributing to the excitement for the shopaholics. Dvd disks, t-shirts, as well as food specialties are usually amongst things that you are likely to buy. While on your way to the canyon you will cross the Colorado River through the Hoover Dam Bypass. A good tour package will provide you sometime to photo shoot at the Arizona part of the Hoover Dam.

The bus trip is furthermore likely to allow you adequate rest as well as smoke breaks. You will be taken down towards the Grand Canyon Village which happens to be the commercial centre of the canyon. Here you will find numerous coffee shops, eateries, museums and stores. Should you wish to get a great deal of such bus tours, you ought to book your seats a minimum of 7 days beforehand. It is crucial to opt for advance booking since this location is really a favorite with anyone who goes to Las Vegas.

There is always a great deal of of demand with regard to the bus excursion that you'll probably face frustration without advance bookings. Make sure you book your getaway via the internet and complete the transaction through the webpage itself. Regardless if you are planning your vacation along with your family or even mates you'll surely appreciate every instant of your vacation. It won't be incorrect to state that the South Rim bus trips are definitely the best day trip of Las Vegas. In fact in case you are a nature lover, this particular vacation is probably the one that will certainly lure you still closer to nature. After concluding your day long trip you're going to be left along with a smile on your face and exquisite reminiscences to cherish all through life.

How Can a Hotel Management Software Increase a Hotel’s Performance

A majority of business enterprises in India run by proper management and execution of well planned protocols. The significance of proper management is well known in the complete business domain. The advantages of management has often been mentioned and discussed by various renowned market experts. Surveys conducted by oversea sources have revealed that the companies who give importance to organizing their functionality attain better profits. Though proper organizing requires quite some planning, there are few tool available in the market which perform major organizing tasks all by themselves. These tools are also known as performance boosters for any organization. These tools get well fitted in the functioning of an organization and perform various necessary tasks all by its own.

These tasks executed by the tools are believed to increase the performance by many folds. The basic motive behind these entities is to increase the performance of an enterprise thereby bringing profits. Though the tools have become a necessity for various business enterprises, the hospitality industry is the major sector which is taking interest on the same. The hospitality domain is considered to be the one field which desperately requires proper organization of tasks. While some hotels opt for the tools for the sake of organizing their tasks, some do the same for the purposes of attaining profitable margins. In past recent years, these software tools have helped various hospitality entities.

The software tools opted by hotels have an aligned protocol and distinct features which turn up to be helpful in one way or the other. Among various helpful resources available in the market, the hotel management software is the most popular one. The management entity has been designed just to increase the performance factor of a hotel. The hotel management software ensures proper management by organizing its tasks and maintaining it for its user. Whether it is a high profile popular hotel or a affordable small scale accommodation service, the software has been built for all scale of enterprises. The hotel management system is very adaptable and flexible. The flexibility factor of the system comes into use when its features are used for various other arbitrary purposes.

The system has made such as strong impact on the market that most of the hoteliers have started recommending the same to the rest of their peers. The affordability aspect of the entity has also increased its fam base. Most of the new hoteliers have now started showing interest in the system are have decided to put their best foot forward along with the helpful tool.

Some Commonly Found Facilities in Agra Five Star Hotels

The third biggest city in the state of Uttar Pradesh and abounded with several Mughal era edifices, Agra is one of the most visited tourist destinations in India. Every year tourists from all around the world flock in this state to glimpse the exquisite workmanship of the Mughal era buildings. In order to accommodate these tourists, hospitality industry too has flourished here in terms of five star and budget hotels. When it comes to five star hotels in Agra, the 'Big Four'- ITC Mughal, , Oberoi Amarvilas, Jaypee Palace and the Clark Shiraz-hold the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th position respectively.

Owing to the visionary approach of their benefactors, these luxury properties are constantly upgrading themselves with the world class amenities. In India, every luxury hotel has four common facilities which include presidential accommodation, fine dine restaurant (theme based) , business center/conference hall and spa. The aforementioned four hotels in Agra are no exception. Scroll down and glance at the information regarding the unique aspects introduced in these common facilities of the 'Big Four'.

Presidential Accommodation

'Presidential' means befitting a president (head). Such kind of accommodation is generally opted by corporate heads, state heads, high profile celebrities and bureaucrats in a five star hotel. Their location, in-room amenities and the bells and whistles associated with them are decided keeping in mind the status of these guests. For example, the Kohinoor Suite at Oberoi Amarvilas has been positioned in the center the highest (5th) floor of the hotel. The idea behind this placement is to privatize the location for high-end guests. Similarly the 5 grand presidential suites in the ITC Mughal- Mumtaz Suite, Nur Jahan Suite, Zeenat Suite, Farzana Suite and Nusrat Begum Suite- comes with various bells and whistles such as a personal plunge pool with sit out and access to massage room, steam room and Kaya Kalp pool.

Theme-based Fine Dine Restaurant

Dining in a five star hotel can be rightly called the gathering of different culinary traditions. While some restaurants in these hotels are multi-cuisine, others are dedicated to a particular theme such as Chinese, Mughlai and Continental among others. For example- the Peshwari and Mahjong room in the ITC Mughal, Agra serves authentic cuisines from North West Frontier and China on the platter of the guests. On the other hand, The Buffet Restaurant in the hotel Clarks Shiraz serves multi-cuisine vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies including starters and desserts.

Business Centre/ Conference Hall

The 'Big Four' are well equipped to cater to the business needs of the corporate guests visiting Agra. State of the art amenities such as projector, WI-FI internet, audio-visual screen, OHP presentations and Public Address system (cordless + speakers+ amplifier + studio mixer) are provided to let you execute your business meetings and conferences efficiently. Skilled and experienced event professionals are available 24x7 to assist you.

Wellness Spa

The facility of spa has become the need of the hour in today's times and the benefactors of 'Big Four' introduced the solution in their properties. In India, the concept of spa is often merged with the Ayurveda- the ancient science of holistic wellness to provide rejuvenation to mind, body and soul. Kaya Kalp in the ITC Mughal is the country's largest spa with a whopping space of 99,000 square feet. Also it is the first spa in India to offer the service of 'Mughal Hamam' lasting up to 70 minutes.

Five star hotels in Agra offer impressive range of accommodation, dining, business and wellness that caters to the different breeds of the guests. The aforementioned names are the most common facilities found in these hotels.

Convenience of Location in a Hotel Near Long Beach Airport

If you want to visit Long Beach for a vacation or business trip, look for a hotel near the Long Beach airport to put up at. The most convenient location of a hotel for a business trip to the city is one that is just a little away from the I-405 freeway. If you put up at such a hotel, it would allow for ease in travel as you would be safe from the mind boggling gridlock traffic. The best part of this is that you can breeze your way through the I-405 and quickly reach downtown Long Beach, Orange County and even LA.

Attractions to look out for in Long Beach

Long Beach is renowned for having the most popular attractions in Southern California. These include the Queen Mary, Aquarium of the Pacific, and Disneyland. Apart from these most popular attractions, others such as Belmont Shore offering the experience of a charming beachside community in downtown Long Beach is also quite popular.

When you are staying at a convenient location, getting to these attractions quicker would serve to save time and cost. If it is located within 25 miles radius of several attractions and is next to a freeway, you would have done yourself a lot of favor by putting up there. Some of the attractions to consider include The Pike at Rainbow Harbor, Aquarium of the Pacific, Stub Hub Center, and the legendary Queen Mary.

Look out for special rates and discounts available at a hotel near Long Beach airport that is located just off the freeway I-405. The amenities that such a hotel offers should also be checked out before you check in. It would be advisable not to go simply by the convenient location of a hotel, as you do not want to compromise on the basic comforts that you are used to at your home.

There is no dearth of good hotels near Long Beach airport. This presents the problem that you cannot be sure of the amenities and services available at a hotel. You should check out the website of various hotels that claim to be near the Long Beach airport and check out the amenities they offer in their rooms and suites. You can also call them up to know about all that they have to offer in their hotel. As you cannot possibly go over to Long Beach and keep checking out each hotel, the websites of the hotels should be checked for the information you need.

LRT Network Plan – Easy & Smooth Transportation

The Light Rail Transit or LRT is a convenient transport system in Edmonton, giving travelers the facility to move around town safely. It is a quick option for those commuting from the North east, the downtown area, the Government center, University and other areas. If you are visiting and are booked into an Edmonton hotel near LRT, here is a look at the benefits of the LRT system:

In Edmonton, there are 15 stations along the route many of which, in the downtown core connect to the pedway system. In some areas there is also "park and ride" facility. Its plan was nominated the WorldWide project of the year category, among other prestigious participants.

As a city that sees much visitor traffic, there are a number of choices in hotels near the LRT in Edmonton. Hotel packages come in various options to satisfy both the budget-conscious traveler and the business traveler. Visitors hoping to catch a concert or a sports event during their trip prefer to make their commute as easy as possible with an easily accessible transport system that is close to the hotel.

Why the LRT is an advantage

Being a mere walking distance from the hotel, the LRT makes transport within the city a pleasure. Venues that see a lot of action like Northlands Park, Rexall Place, the West Edmonton Mall and others are easy to reach. Besides, this is an economical way to get around especially for those on a tight budget.

Edmonton hotels near the LRT are in demand as they are attractive for their package deals and range of stay options and variety in accommodation. Lodging choices are extensive ranging from the vintage to the contemporary.

Ultimately, the success of a trip is determined by the hotel choice and its nearness to convenient transport that can take the guests around. Bookings are done in advance to avoid the disappointment of non availability.

Many of these offer online booking facility via their own websites saving time and money in the process, in addition to instant confirmations and online discounts. Although the Old Strathcona district offers good accommodation choices, it is hotels like the Coliseum Inn within walking distance from the LRT that a majority of visitors prefer.

The Coliseum Inn hotel near LRT Edmonton is known for its seasonal package deals that result in big savings for the guest, while putting them in the perfect place to experience and enjoy all they planned. These hotels also cater to all types of travelers, business and personal, offering unique experiences with features like soundproofed interiors, excellent dining, lounge, night club, gym or sports bars and restaurants. Attentive staff and extended stay options make this hotel the first choice.

Shopping and Tour of the Capital of India – New Delhi

Delhi is a glorious city- there is no denying that! This city has been the capital of the country for a century now and it has been the capital of countless empires in the past. The city is soaked in history and tradition while readily embracing modernity and globalization. It does not matter how long your trip to Delhi actually is- it will always feel too short for your liking! There are tonnes of things to do, tonnes of things to eat and the shopping is godly. Of course, you would have to figure out your acommodation before you determine how long you stay here. This is a large city with tens of thousands of hotel. It would not be a wise idea for you to end up in the city first and then proceed to find a hotel for yourself- especially if you are budget travelling. If you are looking for cheap New Delhi hotels that you can actually live in- you most certainly have to make the internet your ally.

Attractions and Activities

Delhi has a bit of something for everyone. There are countless historical structures, malls, cheap shopping markets, eateries, clubs, etc. The cultural tourist would certainly visit the Delhi staples- the India Gate, Humayun's Tomb, Red Fort, Purana Qila, Qutub Minar, Jantar Mantar, etc. Those with a religious strain can also visit the Kalkaji temple or the Akshardham Temple complexes. Saket has a 7 large malls to meet the needs of the stringiest shopper. If you are looking for some branded clothing, Saket and South Extension market are the best. In case you are okay with bargain hunting and bearing some heavy crowd, the markets in Lajpat Nagar, Karol Bagh and Sarojini Nagar are amazing.

Most of these places are well connected by the Metro. If you have chosen to live in one of the cheap New Delhi hotels, the distance from all the tourist spots and destinations depends on where your hotel is located. The city is rather large- so be prepared to travel!

Accommodation and cuisine

Delhi is a city that puts its own twist to all the cuisines that it has adopted. It is a large city and you can find restaurants serving almost all types of food. Chinese, Mexican, Thai, Italian, South Indian, Lebanese, etc. are rather popular, but they come with their own distinctive Delhi twist. The local chats are available on all roadsides and markets and are worth a try. Make sure you have at least one North Indian meal with lassi when you are there- it is worth it!

There are tonnes of cheap New Delhi hotels for the budget traveller, so cheap accommodation is not an issue at all!

Cairns Hostels – How to Make Your Deal Budget Friendly?

Australia is one among the largest tourist place in the world. Thousands of people visit Australia every year for their vacation. There are many places they can choose, but Cairns is one of lucrative, eye-catching, adventurous, budgetary, and demanding travel place. Different class of families and people visit Cairns and they need the best hotel or resort to stay within budget. Some Cairns hostels could be costly, but there is another aspect of visiting Cairns is that you can find many cheap and affordable hostels at affordable prices.

If you are planning to visit Cairns for holiday with your family, you can book a hostel at The Jack, well-known Cairns backpacker that has recently been awarded for its great customer service. You can also go with others, but for it you will need a big research. Research hostels in your chosen destinations using the internet. You can use some websites such as . It lists several hostels in Australia. This website has a particularly useful search facility. You can search here by entering the name of the city in the search box on Google Map and click search map.

Many of the Cairns backpacker hostel offer non-public accommodation and they also are for a handful travel along or a bunch, which will calculate terribly cost-effective for the client. You'll get more cash because the facilities will increase however you'll get the hostel consistent with your wants and costs you'll be able to afford. Each Cairns backpacker's hostel has its own distinctive atmosphere. A number of them have their own restaurants, others have communal kitchens and a few have each the facilities. So, one can get everything in Cairns, party guys can get parties there, someone in search of place can get tranquility and relaxation there. Many guests like staying at one in all these Cairns hostels to explore this beautiful natural surprise. Many of the Cairns backpackers' hostels place on ideally enough to explore the reef, that itself boasts of over 3000 person reef systems and over several very little tropical islands. Staying in these common youth hostels on the province coast thus on move towards the great reef is a good possibility for many of the backpackers moving towards Australia. Its coastal location makes it straightforward to relish daring activities like snorkel diving and diving on this spectacular reef with an honest kind of native tours to prefer from.

It is essential to check the details on the hostel websites before finalizing a decision. Remember, not all Cairns hostels include breakfast, best security, WIFi and many more, so review the terms and conditions before your book. The Jack is not only affordable but also customer friendly by all means. Visitors can save not money but also time in the search of hostels.

Angels Resort Goa – Offering World Class Services at Budget Prices

Goa is a small coastal state in India famous for its beaches. It is considered as the richest state of India. Panaji is the capital of Goa and Vasco De Gama is the largest city here. The architecture of Goa is a combination of Indian, Islamic and Portuguese styles. Since Portuguese landed here and ruled the place for more than 4 centuries, many of the churches and houses here reflect Portuguese architecture. Goa is also rich in flora and fauna. There are different species of plants, birds and animals here. Large numbers of international and domestic tourists visit Goa to view the beaches, churches and temples, and other architectural pieces. This has given rise to a number of hotels, lodges and rest houses in places of tourist interest. Angels Resort Goa is a budget hotel located near some of the popular beaches in North Goa.

Angels Resort is located at Porvorim and is only 6 km from Panjim and 15 km from Thivim railway station. The Dabolim airport is 35-37 km from the hotel. Some of the famous beaches Calangute beach, Miramar beach, Baga beach and Candolim beach are only 9-10 km from the hotel. There are 24 spacious and well-furnished rooms in the resort, all of which are air conditioned. The rooms are provided with color television, dressing table and an attached bathroom.

The resort has a low-cost multi-cuisine restaurant situated on the highway. You get a splendid view of the road and the swimming pool from the restaurant. The budget prices of the food items here make it the most sought-after restaurant in North Goa. It is made lively with bright colors and lampshades. There is a bar too inside the restaurant.

There is a swimming pool which is an ideal pace for those who want to relax and get some exercise. The swimming pool has an arc on one side, serving as the children's pool. The pool is surrounded by a row of cottages. The gymnasium is well equipped with all that is needed to give you the much needed workout.

If you are interested in indoor games, there is a games room where you can play table tennis, chess, and caroms or watch TV. The conference hall is in front of the swimming pool and is spacious and equipped with all modern amenities.

Other facilities offered by the hotel include telephone and internet facility, travel counter, foreign exchange counter, room service, doctor on call, and complimentary drop at the beach and Panjim, the capital city. There is a spacious car parking area where you can park your car and stay assured that your car is safe there. Angels Resort Goa is a 3-star hotel, which provides you a feeling of home away from home.

A Kyrenia Hotel Guide

Kyrenia stands on the north coast of Northern Cyprus. With the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean in front, and sheltered by the magnificent Kyrenia mountain range behind, the town and its surrounding areas have been the most popular area for holidays to North Cyprus for many years. Kyrenia itself the villages close by, and the coast are dotted with places to stay and in every type and style you could imagine: from small, family-run properties with a handful of bungalows clustered round a pool and cage, to major developments with every possible amenity. This short article is in no way a comprehensive list of everywhere to say in or near Kyrenia, but we have been visiting and working in the country for over twenty years, so the comments may be of use to anyone thinking of a holiday in Kyrenia.

The region can be roughly divided into four separate areas. Kyrenia town, the cost to the west, the coast to the east, and the surrounding villages. Hotels generally fall into similar types for each of these areas. Small properties will mostly be found in the village locations, though there are a few in Kyrenia itself and along the coast. Kyrenia hotels are mostly fairly large, luxurious and well appointed, though the relative lack of space in a town location means that facilities are limited. This is, however, a relative term, as all have odd-sized pools, a choice of restaurants and bars, etc. Properties along the coast are less constrained in terms of physical area, and it is here that you will find the large, resort-style properties, with every imaginable facility on site. The location though does mean that you will inevitably have to travel to visit other restaurants and shops. This said, hiring a car in North Cyprus is comparatively cheap. The roads are mostly uncrowded and driving is on the left, as in the UK. A car is all but essential if you want to get out and explore, though guided tours can be booked from most places.

Home to Kyrenia castle, the beautiful old harbour and an enormous variety of shops and restaurants, Kyrenia also has some truly world-class hotels. For something that feels a little smaller, the Pia Bella Hotel is in the outskirts of the town and has good-sized gardens with two freshwater pools. Famed for its Cypriot cuisine, the hotel runs regular 'Cyprus nights' in the main season. Just outside the town, about a mile and a half from the centre, Altinkaya Hotel also has a justified reputation for food and service. Altinkaya is split into two 'sections', one designed more for family use and the other a quitter part. The hotel also has a handful of larger bungalows which can accommodate up to four people.

Approximately four miles from Kyrenia and nestling in the foothills of the Kyrenia mountain range, the village of Bellapais is one of the most famous in Cyprus and is home to the stunning Bellapais Abbey. The village has a charming, tranquil atmosphere, though the centre can be a little 'touristy' in peak seasons. There are a handful of restaurants in the centre of the village. Bellapais Gardens Hotel is located in the heart of the village, overlooked by the abbey above it. With a small selection of studio apartments and cottages, the hotel has beautiful gardens, a good pool and is famed for the quality of its restaurant. The hotel has a really peaceful atmosphere and does not accept children. Further along the foothills of the mountains and to the east, the Malpas Hotel is a high-quality hotel that majors on offering a luxurious atmosphere. Stylish and sophisticated in feel, the hotel is nevertheless well equipped and suitable for families.

A little further still, and right on the cost, you will find Acapulco Cyprus. One of the largest properties in the whole island, Acapulco Cyprus is a resort with just about everything you could imagine. There are three swimming pools, a large private beach, a selection of restaurants, bars and cafes and provision for all sorts of activities. There is also a wide choice of accommodation here, from reasonably basic bungalows to luxurious high-quality suites. Truly something for everyone!

In the opposite direction from Kyrenia, travelling to the west, a short drive will bring you up to Hideaway Cyprus. Originally built as a private club, accommodation was added some while ago. Hideaway stands in a quiet location near to the village of Edremit. Family-run through two generations, the hotel is an intimate retreat and is famed for its cuisine and its poolside barbecue nights. Small and with a languid atmosphere, the emphasis here is on the personal touch.

Further to the west near the village of Alsancak, Riverside Cyprus is a much larger property. However, set in eight acres of attractive gardens, the resort feels more relaxed, with accommodation in bungalows and villas scattered throughout the grounds. Riverside has three pools, a selection of restaurants and bars and a mass of facilities, making it an ideal family stay.

Whatever your requirements, holidays to Kyrenia really are still some of the best in the world. Northern Cyprus remains outside the Euro-zone, so value for money is excellent. The climate year-round is favourable, and depending on the time of year, you can find a range from warm to sizzling. Whilst just about every modern activity can be found somewhere in the area, the country as a whole still retains an old-fashioned approach to life. It truly is the Mediterranean like it used to be.