Turkey tour with viamingo (1)

Turkey is an amazing country full of many things to do and see. One of the things you may want to consider is taking an Istanbul tour FROM A PROFESSIONAL TURKEY TOUR GUIDE. It will take you off the beaten path and show you what a truly incredible place Istanbul can be. You will experience fabulous foods while making your way through the incredible organic market place, and chant with the crowd at the many soccer games held in the city. OR, a hot air balloon ride will take you away to ancient times, allowing you to view the ancient Byzantine, Ottman, and Roman empires all of which were homes to great kings and prophets.

If balloon rides are not your desired method of TAKING AN Istanbul tour, then perhaps you would be inclined to take a helicopter ride. This method of Istanbul tour can take you many places beyond the beaten path, giving you a whole new perspective of the historic city. ISTANBUL HELICOPTER TOURS are run by professionally trained pilots, and there is transportation to and from the heliport. Highlights of this method of Istanbul tour would include the Golden horn, a birds eye view of the historic peninsula, and a phenomenal glimpse of Bosphorus.

Riding through the air is not the only WAY TO TAKE A tour OF TURKEY. You can ride the waves on one of the many yachting tours. This TURKEY tour will take you along the Aegean and Mediterranean coast line. You can choose from a private charter on Turkish gullets, sailing yachts, and motor yachts. It is a flexible means of tour with ports located in Marmaris, Gokec, Bodrum, and Antalya. These yachts are clean and flexible allowing your tour group to be anywhere from 2 to 24.

Perhaps you would rather stay on dry land. Well have not fear there is an Istanbul tour for you. You can view the many beautiful sites while relaxing in comfort in a van. Istanbuls van tours offer you a luxurious view of the Blue Mosque, Roman cistern , Hippodrome square, and the Grand bizarre. You will experience full admission to the many museums along the way, multilingual tour guides, and perspective of Turkey you may not see on your own. Theres no doubt that no matter what TURKEY tour you choose, you will experience an incredible country that is rich in culture and tradition.